Clive John plays Johnny Cash in the Johnny Cash Roadshow
Prior to playing The Man in Black Clive John enjoyed success in his own right as a singer-songwriter. He produced a number of albums – his most recent, The Spirit was critically acclaimed by the music industry and was nominated for Best British Country Album. The single The Spirit was awarded the Hot Disk Track of the Year and spent eight weeks at No 1 in the UK in the British/Irish chart and four weeks at No1 in the world chart.
Clive John has suffered from a stammer all his life since severely burning his hands on an electric fire at the age of two, but the traumatic experience was to have positive consequences for the singer who stars in The Johnny Cash Road Show.
After years in hospital having skin grafts, the surgeon recommended to his parents Clive learn to play a musical instrument, and he took up the piano to keep his fingers supple. Clive then progressed on to guitar, as well as piano… and the rest is history! He has learned to control his stammer most of the time through speech therapy and elocution lessons but says it will never completely go away.
“After burning my hand I found it very, very difficult to speak and my stammer was really, really bad for years, but I’ve come to terms with it. Sometimes I’m fine and sometimes I can’t get a word out and the person on the end of a phone might think I’ve gone away and put the phone down! But singing is fine.”
It was after the Johnny Cash biographical film Walk The Line came out that Clive John really connected with the man and the music.
“It’s now got to the stage that I don’t listen much to anything else other than Johnny Cash! The songs, attitude and style are completely right for the style of person/singer/musician I am and to my knowledge there is no other artist that captures what the great man did.”
Watch his fantastic trailer for the upcoming Johnny Cash Roadshow here

Have a look here for a fantastic article on why singing helps people with speech disorders, ‘It’s about the rhythm, not the tune’

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