Notflix is a new style of improvised (improv) comedy theatre. Each improv show is unique because it is created in the moment from suggestions from the audience. The performance you see will never be repeated – it is spontaneous, magical and different every time.

When you arrive for the Notflix performance, you will be given a slip of paper on which to write the name and the basic plot of the last film you saw. Two of these ideas are pulled out of a hat, and the audience get to vote on which improvised musical version of the film Notflix will perform. The favourite character, scene and location are then selected, and a hilarious musical, of the sort you would never find on Netflix, is born…..

Come and join us for an evening like no other with the ‘roaringly funny and incredibly talented’ (Broadway Baby) Notflix. A riotous evening not to be missed!

Our favourite improv film moments include Jack Nicholson’s line, ‘Heeeeeere’s Johnny’ in The Shining, Roy Scheider’s infamous line ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’ in the film Jaws, Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere snaps a jewellery box on Julia Roberts’ hand prompting her to burst into laughter and just about anything from the legend of improv Robin Williams. What’ yours?

Notflix Saturday 26th May 8.30pm Tickets £15


Call to book
01732 866114

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Date: Saturday 26th May
Time: 8:30pm
Tickets: £15.00

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