What a great week of shows we’ve had.

The Johnny Cash Roadshow with the fabulous Clive John had the audience dancing, Notflix improv comedy releasing their ‘inner puppy’,
The Sea Show with the particularly naughty sea squirts and Little Red Riding Hood who travelled a long way to find Grandma’s house.
Tom Allen was hilarious, there were audience members with tears running down their faces and the chemistry between Claire Martin and Ray Gelato was quite electric during It’s a Swingin’ Affair.
There were some amazing looking picnics too, one group even bought their carpet for the occasion all the way from the Oman Desert!

We have LOADS more events to come over the summer season so check out our website to see what’s coming next.


Image Credits, The Johnny Cash Roadshow, Notflix, Tom Allen, Little Red Riding Hood, The Sea Show and our wonderful Audience.

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