Bad Dad by David Walliams

Bad Dad by David Walliams

Heartbreak Productions

Wed 30 Aug 2.30pm

Anne Boleyn’s Walk

Gather round and give three cheers for Reverend Judith. She is receiving the Citizen of the Year Award for her amazing work with the food bank. Come congratulate her and hear how it all started with Frank and his dad, Gilbert. Gilbert is a bit of a local celebrity. He was no other than the legendary ‘King of the Track’, Gilbert the Great. That was until a tragic accident put a stop to his track-racing days. Driven to desperate measures in order to provide for his son, he agrees to become a get-away driver for the local baddies. 

Join Heartbreak Productions for this warm-hearted tale that follows the highs and lows of a father-son relationship. An open-air adaptation of David Walliams Bad Dad is the perfect summer family entertainment. So, pack your picnics, grab your wet weather gear or sun-cream (or both), something to sit on, and join Frank and Gilbert as they navigate their way through car chases and convicts in the struggle to escape the clutches of the local crime lord and clear Gilbert’s name.


Standard Ticket£18.50
Discounted Joint Theatre and Garden Ticket  ADULT£31.50
Discounted Joint Theatre and Garden Ticket  CHILD (under 15)£26.20
Standard Ticket FESTIVAL FRIENDS£16.65

Anne Boleyn’s Woodland Walk

Come prepared for the weather in this dappled woodland glade. You can bring your own seats, beanbags, rugs etc. along with your picnic. Choose where you would like to sit when you arrive, you will view the performance from there whilst enjoying your picnic.

Ice cream will be available on the lawn and The Guthrie Pavilion will be open for drinks and snacks.

Please note: umbrellas are welcome if required, gazebo’s are not. You are welcome to stay in the gardens after the performance until the Castle closes for the day.

Please check our access page for further information.