Jekyll VS Hyde

Jekyll VS Hyde

Sat 22 Aug 8pm

Witness the struggle between good and evil, order and chaos, taste and… bad taste. Two performers (repressed stiff Laurence and fun-loving anarchist Lindsay) battle to perform wildly clashing versions of Stevenson’s classic. Will their working partnership (and marriage) emerge unscathed? A comedic, musical romp from the dynamic duo that brought you The Time Machine, Cinemusical, Cinemusical High, and Madame Magenta: Libros Mystica. Starring Malcolm Hardee Award Winner Laurence Owen and 50-metre swimming certificate holder Lindsay Sharman.


Stephen Fry

‘A hilarious gem’ ★★★★★

Musical Talk

‘A music-filled, narratively unique adventure’ ★★★★

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

‘Delightful…Brilliantly written and remarkably scored’ ★★★★

Broadway Baby

‘Ridiculously clever…Superb’ ★★★★

The Scotsman

‘Mesmerising’ ★★★★★

Musical Talk

Reserved covered seating £18

Reserved covered seating Friends £16.20

Discounted Theatre and Gardens Ticket £29.55 Adult £24.90 Child

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