It’s Summer 2024 and we are back in our ALL-NEW theatre,

on our lawn, in the Tudor gardens at Hever Castle.

It’s proving to be a very happy place!

‘An extraordinary theatre experience where history and entertainment come alive under the stars.’ (Audience Member, May 2024)

  • Has one continuous roof, every seat is undercover. The roof section over the auditorium is transparent so you will be able to enjoy the vista, as well as the sun or stars, as you watch The Stars on stage!
  • The seating arrangement is very similar to our previous one, with row C being the first raised level in the front section. The previous East and West Tiers row A, is now row F.
  • The previous East and West tiers are joined in the middle, so you can sit right in the middle of the raised level, now called The Grandstand.
  • The theatre lawns remain unchanged – they are just as stunning and fragrant.

‘A very special place.’
‘A theatre to escape to in a magical setting.’
‘Such a beautiful place, totally transporting and good for the soul.’
‘A unique experience you will remember for ever.’
‘Being at the theatre was like being on holiday.’
‘It’s just a perfect place… breathtaking.’
‘Who needs to go to London, when you have this gem on your doorstep?’
‘The gardens as we walked to the Theatre were absolutely beautiful. Treat to have a picnic beforehand.’
‘Great value for money, the fact that you can take your own food and drink, is a bonus.’
‘Lovely to sit under the new roof and not have to be concerned about the weather. It was warmer too.’
‘Stars on stage and through roof!’
‘Everything felt easy. The hot chocolate with Baileys from the bar was genius…’
‘The acoustics were very good.’
‘Plenty of leg room with comfortable seating. Excellent view.  Volume just right.’
‘Love your staff right across the theatre… Always courteous, friendly and helpful.’
‘I love being a part of it.’