Mozart – The Magic Flute

Mozart – The Magic Flute

Wild Arts

Sat 3 Aug 8pm Two Sisters’ Theatre

Standard Ticket £48.20

Friends Ticket £43.55

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‘A joy beyond all expectation – sassily delivered and outstandingly well-sung.’ Michael White

‘A complete delight.’ Robert Hugill

Critically acclaimed opera company Wild Arts (★★★★★ Opera Now, ★★★★ The Guardian) return for a third summer season with a new production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, directed by James Hurley.

In a dream-like world, the (nearly) heroic Tamino falls in love with Pamina, the kidnapped daughter of the mysterious Queen of the Night, and must journey with a hapless bird-catcher to rescue her. His fantastical journey will transform his understanding of this dream-like world of darkness and light…

‘A fine young cast excel, with engaging energy and superb singing.’ ★★★★  The Guardian

James Hurley director
Sophie Lincoln designer
Orlando Jopling conductor

Satoshi Kubo Repetiteur & coach
Rebecca Milford Primary schools version

Translation by Jeremy Sams
New dialogue by James Hurley
New orchestration by Orlando Jopling

‘The whole event was a pure joy. It was a privilege to have been there. We travelled home on a cloud.’

‘Fast, funny and brilliant, with every word clear as a bell.’

‘It was all done with a knowing, cheeky sense of humour, while never detracting from Mozart’s delectable score.’ The Guardian

‘An absolute delight from beginning to end… As for the music — we left feeling utterly elated. What a joy to be listening to marvellous singing in such an atmosphere.’
Act I
An earnest young prince, Tamino, is pursued by terrifying figures. He faints in terror, and when he regains consciousness finds only a bird-catcher called Papageno.

Three ladies appear. Tamino feels he’s seen them before but can’t work out where. They present him with a portrait of the Queen of the Night’s daughter, Pamina, who has been abducted by Sarastro. Tamino immediately falls in love and vows to rescue his new beloved.

The Queen of the Night arrives and promises Pamina to the young man if he can rescue her. The ladies give Tamino a magic flute which has the power to turn sorrow to joy, and Papageno (sent along for the ride) receives a set of magic bells for protection.

In Sarastro’s temple, Monostatos is left alone with the captive Pamina. Papageno has lost Tamino, and is the first to arrive at the temple. Monostatos is terrified by Papageno and flees. Papageno announces to Pamina that her mother has sent Tamino to save her. They sing about the joys of love.

Tamino also arrives at Sarastro’s temple. A priest tells him that the Queen of the Night is not to be trusted – Tamino will understand this when he approaches the temple in the spirit of friendship.

Hearing Papageno in the distance, Tamino hurries off to find his friend.

Meanwhile, Papageno and Pamina are recaptured. They distract Monostatos with the magic bells but run straight into Sarastro. Though receiving them kindly, he refuses to return Pamina to her mother.

Monostatos returns with Tamino and, seeing Pamina for the first time, the lovers embrace. Sarastro punishes Monostatos for his lust before announcing that Tamino must undergo trials of wisdom to become worthy as Pamina’s husband. Tamino and Papageno are blindfolded and led away from Pamina, amid hymns of praise to Sarastro.

Act II
Monostatos goes to kiss the sleeping Pamina. He hides as the Queen of the Night appears and instructs her three ladies to find Tamino and free him. The Queen wakes her daughter but is enraged by her wavering loyalty, threatening to disown her unless she kills Sarastro.

Sarastro arrives and drives Monostatos away. Pamina begs Sarastro to forgive her mother and he reassures her that revenge has no place in his temple.

Tamino and Papageno begin their trials – the first of which is to be silent. The Three Ladies try to encourage Tamino and Papageno to escape with them. Sarastro’s Priests intervene.

Papageno speaks to an Old Woman and so fails the trial. Tamino’s flute summons Pamina. He respects his vow of silence and Pamina thinks that he no longer loves her. Sarastro arrives and instructs them to bid one another a “final farewell.”

Papageno is not eligible to continue the trials but will be granted one wish. Papageno asks for a glass of wine. The old lady returns, transforming into the beautiful young Papagena, but is whisked away.

The three ladies wonder if Enlightenment might not be such a bad thing after all. Pamina enters distraught but they prevent her from doing anything rash, convincing her that Tamino truly loves her.

Pamina joins Tamino for the final trial and they pass unscathed. Papageno is desperate at having his lover snatched away from him. No one pays him any attention except the ladies, who remind him about his magic bells, and he uses them to summon Papagena to his side.

The Queen and Monostatos break into the temple but are foiled. Sarastro presents Tamino and Pamina as the new custodians of the Sun Disk but will there be any reconciliation between the Queen of the Night and Sarastro?

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