Pablo & Splash

Pablo and Splash

Sheena Dempsey

Sun 12 May, 2.00pm The Think Tank at Hever Castle

Standard Ticket £14.20

Get ready for a hilarious and creative comic book event as audiences join time-travelling penguins Pablo and Splash on an unexpected adventure to the age of the dinosaurs.

Author and illustrator Sheena Dempsey will take you on a journey starting with how to draw Pablo and Splash as well as creating a Pablo and Splash original story using ideas from the audience! A brilliant event for all graphic novel enthusiasts and buddying illustrators!

Attendees will also get given comic book worksheets so they can continue their creativity long after the event.

For age 7+

The Think Tank

Situated 100 yds from the main Top Gate castle entrance. Please speak to the castle staff when you arrive, they will advise you on where best to park.

This is an indoor intimate venue. Cushions will be provided for the children to sit at the front if they would like to. There will be chairs at the back for adults too. Everyone attending requires a ticket.